We only employ common sense rules at Murphy's Lake and would appreciate it if all anglers respected the points outlined below. They're put in place for the safety of our fish and our customers. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be asked to leave the venue immediately and will not be liable for a refund of any monies paid.


  • No unattended rods
  • No baited hooks or rigs to be left unattended. Our dogs along with wild animals roam free at Murphy's Lake, vets bills are very expensive, anglers will be liable for costs.
  • No sacks
  • No nuts of any kind permitted
  • Tiger nuts and maize are NOT PERMITTED! Anyone found using, or in possession of either will be asked to leave the fishery immediately
  • Boats allowed including bait boats
  • 3 Rod limit
  • No fires (French Law)
  • Supervised BBQ's permitted
  • 16lbs minimum line
  • Maximum 9 anglers per week
  • Drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, this will lead to an instant ban and you'll be asked to leave with no refund of any monies paid

  • No dogs allowed as we have resident dogs

  • No litter
  • Swims to be kept clean, all ribbish must be binned. Please keep all glass separate from general refuse as this will not be taken by the bin men, glass MUST be recycled
  • Toilet and shower to be kept clean at all times
  • Night fishing permitted
  • No fishing permits are required
  • Swims can be reserved as not everybody arrives at the same time due to flight or drive times, although we do have a draw at midday for available swims 
  • Swims are to be vacated by 10am on the day of departure, fishing starts at midday on the day of arrival


Gas:- For cookers, this can be purchased from the local shop, or we can buy them on your behalf from Town's supermarkets.


Petrol for generator:- We can buy this on your behalf, if you want to charge your phones and other electrical equipment.


Mainline:- The line on our supplied reels is usable, although not new, it's checked on a regular basis; we do not supply new line on-site, but we can purchase for you, or you're more than welcome to bring your own.


Batteries:- Batteries for the alarms can be purchased from local shops or Town's supermarkets.


Food times are as follows:-


Breakfast 10:00am - 10:30am

Dinner 6:00pm - 7:00pm


Breakfast and dinners will be dropped off at the lodge during the times stated. Any allergies or dislikes must be declared before or on arrival.


Drinking water:- Water is supplied by us as and when needed, please note, water from the shower is not for drinking.


Bait:- Boilies, pellet and particle can be purchased from us on-site, please take into consideration; many of Murphy's Lake fish do fall for our own bait as this is applied on a regular basis by customers.


We also hire the following:

Large boat, outboard engine and battery - 60 Euros per week (£75 deposit required on arrival)

Bait boats - 60 Euros per week (£75 deposit required on arrival)


Hiring a boat/bait boat. A £75 deposit is required on arrival for any damage to property or equipment. This is non-refundable if any damage is caused.

Cancellation Policy:- If at anytime you decide to cancel your trip to Murphy's Lake, this will incur an Admin Fee. This includes admin, telephone calls, emails and SMS text messages.

Murphy's Lake reserves the right to change or alter the above-mentioned rules at anytime without prior notice.